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We pride ourselves on being different

“Our portfolio of services facilitates a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution, allowing you to focus on publishing great
products – we do the rest.”


John Bardsley

Group Managing Director



InterMedia is the UK’s only fully integrated provider of a multi-channel approach
to circulation, marketing and distribution solutions. Our team of single discipline experts offer innovative, tailored services for published brands. We put our clients first, working with them to grow their total audience reach. Our solutions, like our thinking, are not limited to one channel or price point. 



Despite new emerging routes to the consumer, the retail newsstand remains the key destination for the vast majority of magazine and collectable brands.

Despite new emerging routes to the consumer, the retail newsstand remains the key destination for the vast majority of magazine and collectable brands. We build UK and worldwide circulation marketing strategies designed for the modern marketplace. We provide a real alternative for publishers who aspire to be something more than a small fish in a large distributor pond. We make sure that your magazines are marketed on the retail newsstand in the UK and around the globe, both cost-effectively and with maximum impact whilst providing the highest levels of service and insight. 



You want to get your products safely and efficiently into the hands of your consumers. So do we. InterMedia maximises brand engagement, increases acquisition and retention.

Subscription, marketing and fulfilment is a vital channel for magazine brands. Subscriptions account for a huge share of magazine sales, which is attributable in no small part to increasingly savvy consumers, responding to increasingly creative subscription strategies. As a result of evolving consumer behaviour, readers now expect to be able to purchase their favourite magazine brands online, either as a digital version or a physical copy. Our direct-to-consumer model ensures that they can do both. Combining the best customer service, end-to-end fulfilment technology and direct mailing we maximise reader engagement with your brand. 



Our expert, reliable service takes the worry out of your logistics. Enjoy focusing on what you do best – publishing great products – let us take care of the rest.

Logistics form one of the most important links in the supply chain, making sure that publishers get their magazines into the marketplace. lnterMedia provides a secure warehouse and inventory management system which caters for the storage and despatch of products to customers through our sister company, lnterSend. We are able to effectively manage current and back issue stock, as well as gift and affiliated brand merchandise. Our bespoke service ensures that your final product reaches your customers cost-effectively and on time, every time. InterSend also provides ecommerce storage and fulfilment, direct mail, direct parcel and palletised freight solutions as well as print management.



No project is too big or too small, contact us today to see how partnering with InterMedia can help grow your business. For more information, visit our InterMedia website today.

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